From Carbon alchemy - Reforming Biochar wood gas stoves, TLUD

I'm making biochar with a TLUD, to use in the garden project, I find the char acts as a catalyst, It opens clays and holds nutrients, it increases porosity and water holding, it seem to be a gateway between the fixed  & free nutrients and the soil biota.
I get wast heat which im experimenting to put to use in cooking or heating. 

I have found that fresh char is harsh and caustic, I screen it and soak for a couple of weeks in worm juice, seasol, liquid compost, rinse and dry. The fines which are very fine get mixed with blood and bone and spread throughout the garden..
It gets added with the kitchen compost  as scrapes are being added.

Used in bio-filters for the fish tanks

Tera Preta
Terra preta The secret of el dorado (May 19, 2010) Johannes Lehmann, Associate Professor of soil biogeochemistry at Cornell University, discusses the characteristics of naturally occurring terra preta including its agricultural and carbon sequestering benefits and then turns to considering the factors involved with implementation industrial biochar systems for large-scale carbon sequestration and energy provision. Stanford University Biogeochemistry at Cornell University Stanford Energy Seminar Stanford University Channel on YouTube